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  Humanist Community Services

of Northeast PA

Meetings and Activities


No Meetings are being held at this time. You can contact us at if you have any questions.

Volunteer Opportunities:

several different activities we can do:
  -Tree Planting. No one under 10 years old can do this because it
involves picks and shovels.
  -Litter Cleanup.
  -Adopt-A-Trail. This involves cleaning a section of the trail once
a week or two.
  -Water Quality Monitoring. They do this 3 times per year (spring,
mid-summer, and early autumn) and train you how to do it. It
involves collecting macroinvertabrates and invertabrates from the
river for evaluation and study.

We can choose one or several of these activities. I told him I would
consult with all of you and then get back with him on what we
decide, so let me know what you think. He said they also go on
hikes, conduct tours, have a yearly canoe race, and a dinner on
January 31st (this one will be at the new Hilton). Anyway, this
sounds like exactly what we were looking for. Take a look at their
website for more information:

pics2 147.jpg (455286 bytes)     July 12th Picnic


June 29th, 2003 Photos from our SCA Field Trip