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We received an email from Bob Jones Institute regarding a Cease and Desist Order (a "true" representative of democracy).  Because we did not agree with his philosophy, we, by his order, must shut down our web page.

Here is the text from his email:

> From: "Mike Kelley" <>
> To: <>
> Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2005 08:55:59 -0600
> Greetings From the Dr. Bob Jones Institute Think
> Tank
> As national director of BJI, it is my duty to inform
> you and/or your organization that a detailed
> analysis of your positions regarding the Bible, our
> Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and in particular your
> political positions are not compatible with our own.
> The Dr. Bob Jones Institute stands for strict
> morality and a totally Christian Theocratic federal
> government. These of course are the wishes of Jesus.
> Since you or your organization have been tried and
> found wanting, we must insist that you disband your
> website immediately and no longer espouse the none
> sense we have found there. Since the election of
> George W. Bush as our 43rd and BORN AGAIN president,
> and since as you know Mr. Bush did speak at the Bob
> Jones University and is close friends with Dr. Bob
> Jones III, BJI hopes you will agree it would be wise
> for you to obey God's will and to do so promptly.
> Sincerely,
> Michael C. Kelley
> Operations Manager for the Dr. Bob Jones Institute
> Arkansas


We want to reaffirm our non-belief in any supernatural, mythical being. We did not ask for his "forgiveness" and are in no way repentent for having values based on reason, science and that which can be proven!!