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Gorilla in our Midst

As we were spending some quality family time planning a vacation in our new motorhome, our youngest child (and a child shall lead) noticed the "blessed" image of a gorilla, believed to be a virgin  lowland gorilla from Africa. "What does this mean?" he asked.  Overcome by the spirit, I felt the "holy" presence of this gorilla and the truth of evolution overcame me.  I sprang forth and shouted "This proves Evolution is true! We have been chosen to bring the light to all who have reason."

The feeling of contentment and peace overwhelmed me as the gorilla spoke in my head, commanding me to share the "gospel" of Evolution and to share the kinship with our cousins, the gorillas. Lest we not forget that we share almost 99% of our DNA with chimpanzees, we should lead them into the fold along with bonobos. 

We can now go on our vacation, knowing that our blessed ape mother will protect us and guide us. Our children will no longer have to worry about wearing uncomfortable seat belts on our journey and can frolic happily whilst we travel 75 mph down the highway.

Blessed are the children of the Missing Link!! Praise be, O Great and Most Holy Ape!